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Stand Up! No, I’m Not Kidding.

Do you work out during the week?  And are you active on weekends? If the answer is yes, that’s good! But, if you’re sitting in front of a computer for most of the workday, or on your rear watching TV for hours each evening, none of that active time seems to matter in...

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A Little Help, Please!

You know those nights when you’re up late, messing with your computer or software, and you want to do this or that but don’t know how? Well, we thought it’d be helpful to start a list of resources for folks who want to tinker on their own and just need a little...

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What’s on Your List?

It’s that time of year, when hard working folks dream of tech gadgets wrapped in sparkly paper. What? You don’t have that dream? Well, take a look at these goodies that we found, and then you’ll have sweet dreams. Beam a keyboard onto any flat surface with the Virtual...

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iPad mini -Yes or No?

The iPad mini is out and we can’t resist talking about it. We like Apple products. They’re user-friendly, provide awesome displays, and have a general coolness about them. When the first iPad came out, we LOVED it. The display, the apps, the fun. No wonder it...

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Keep Your Biz Cyber Secure

Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? This month is all about making sure your online presence is secure. A surprising number of small businesses are not as secure online as they think they are. The National Cyber Security Alliance and...

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Nitol – Another Stinking Malware

A guy in China bought a new laptop the other day, cranked it on, and watched as malware took over the computer. Right out of the box, fresh from the factory—malware. The guy was a Microsoft researcher on the trail of counterfeit software. He just happened to stumble...

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Protecting Kids Online

Do you have kids and computers in your home? You’re probably wanting to do everything you can to protect them from, well, anything or anyone who may harm them. Here are a few tips for keeping your children (and computer) safe while using the Internet, and we hope...

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Your Mobile Office

Technology allows us to respond to our customers in a timely manner, no matter where we are (almost). But, there are always ways to improve on that connectivity and make our workday run a little smoother. We have a few tips for a mobile office, and we hope you’ll also...

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