Secure IT Solutions for Accounting & Finance Companies

The financial and accounting industries have seen a dramatic change in the past several years. Nowadays, more and more customers are doing their books via custom tools and online banking is more popular than ever. Consumers expect their providers to be abreast with the latest trends and to keep their data secure. Consumers yearn for change and so does the accounting and financial industry. This the primary reason why there are constant regulation changes and increasing cybersecurity threats.

Meeting Client Demands

Increasing consumer demands is the biggest challenge that finance and accounting firms face. For example, when utilizing a site or an app, a minute of downtime can hurt both the consumer and the company. That means that these companies need more efficient and reliable systems. Our company helps in the following ways:

  1. We provide constant IT maintenance.
  2. Scan for performance issues and help implement performance enhancements.
  3. Optimize your systems for maximum performance.

While each company is different, they require support from an IT outsourcing firm or an in-house staff.

Securing Data

It’s hard to go a day without hearing a case regarding data breach. In this industry, security is a concern more than ever before. The financial and accounting niche holds millions of records that contain user names, passwords, bank account numbers, addresses, social security number, etc. All this can be stolen in a matter of seconds if the security is not up to par.

Our team works with you to enhance security by:

  1. Implementing solutions to store information off-site.
  2. Updating hardware systems.
  3. Encrypting data using the best solutions in the industry.
  4. Implementing security solutions like antivirus and firewalls.
  5. Ascertaining that all your systems meet the regulatory standards.

Every finance and accounting business requires IT services in order to succeed. Going at it alone only increases the chances of going under. For more information on how we can assist you with everything from basic IT to improving network performance, contact us today!

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