A Little Help, Please!

by | Nov 27, 2012

You know those nights when you’re up late, messing with your computer or software, and you want to do this or that but don’t know how?

Well, we thought it’d be helpful to start a list of resources for folks who want to tinker on their own and just need a little guidance.

We’re hoping you add on to this list in the comments section. No one knows how to do everything, and we’re hoping this becomes a valuable resource for all of us.

Dummies.com has a how-to section on computers. They’re trying to sell books, but they also have masses of instructional videos and text that show you how to network computers, edit a picture, format Excel charts—they cover too many topics to list here. They also have a section just for seniors, which we liked.

C|NET has a surprising number of how-to documents that cover everything from securing your Twitter account, to adjusting YouTube default settings for your uploads, to adding Gmail and Yahoo to Windows 8 Mail. Hundreds of topics are covered, and there’s a place to ask questions and actually get answers.

BleepingComputer.com is a practical site that has a long, long list of tutorials and downloads, and a forum where questions may be asked and answered. There’s a list of virus removal guides, and the tutorials cover Windows 8, browsers, hardware, Linux, Internet, and on and on. There’s even a searchable glossary.

Wikihow has a deep pocket of articles that cover a surprising range of topics including how to create a website or blog, how-to tips for Quickbooks, how to multitask on an iPhone, how to extend a USB cable, and even more topics and subtopics than we have room to cover in this post.

The GCFLearnfree.com site is full of basic tutorials, if you’re just getting started with computers. They have a Spanish version of the site and tutorials, which is a big bonus.

TechTips at Salon.com is kind of a cool little site full of an eclectic mix of tips and tricks for smartphones and computers and ancillary products. Definitely worth a look.

Intel.com has a tech tips and tricks section that covers a lot of territory. There’s no index to view to see what all they have, so you have to browse around or search on the site, but if you like tutorial videos, you’ll be happy you stopped by!

The BBC has an Absolute Beginner’s Guide to using your computer. Easy to understand, so don’t be afraid to have any computer newbie try it out.

There are more resources online and we plan to expand this list as time goes on.

What how-to resource have you found that’s helpful? Share the URL in the comments!


By Danny Tehrani