Looking for a Managed IT Services Company in Beaverton, OR?

When you are looking for someone to handle your network, you are searching for a company you can trust to listen to your needs and respond in your best interests. You are searching for a company who knows what they are talking about. You are searching for a company who keeps up to date with technologies to give you the edge you need in your business or organization. Computers Made Easy is committed to being the Beaverton, Oregon managed IT services company that provides all these things and more for customers large and small. When you’re ready to take your systems to the next level, contact our team.

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How We Partner with Our Clients as their Business IT Services Company

As your Beaverton, Oregon managed IT services company, we at Computers Made Easy seek to provide bespoke outsourced IT programs tailored to meet our customers’ unique investment ambitions at each step along the way.

Diagnosis and Plan

We strive to understand the unique needs of each of our client, and this will include considerations that are specific to their organization. This way we can plan out services that will yield the best possible results.

Build and Construct

The strategy we develop is tailored to meet each of our client’s IT investment goals while also focusing on their outsourcing needs and capacities.


Our goal is to be worthy of earning our customer’s trust to continue to monitor and maintain their IT services for the long run. From security to ensuring your system is up and running consistently so that you can continue to do what you do best, we handle it all.

Computer Maintenance for Organizations

As Beaverton, OR managed IT services company, we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients with all of their IT needs big and small. Here’s just a few of the things that we do:

Onsite or Remote Computer Tune-Up

If it was fast before, but is no longer, your computer may simply needs a tune-up! The highly trained IT professionals at Computers Made Easy are available remotely in many occasions, or we are able to come to you to when you’d like to ensure that your devices are operating at their best.

Remote PC Support for Business

Our team is available to provide ongoing remote computer support from the USA. This includes virus and spyware removal, network installations, computer set up, and data backup and recovery. Computers Made Easy has the goal of providing our customers with the peace of mind that their computers are being taken care of completely.

Computer Upgrades

There are certain situations when upgrading a computer may be your best option. SSD Hard Drives are the latest and greatest and actually operate at 100x faster than spindle disks on the read and write access time – so they make your computer feel lightning fast. In the situation that your computer is reasonably powerful, migrating the operating system to a new SSD can be a terrific upgrade. Adding more RAM can prevent bottlenecks and cost-effectively solve computer performance problems. There are many options when it comes to upgrading your machines – we will help you navigate those waters so that your people are set up with the equipment they need to do their best work.

Custom Managed IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Choosing the right information technology solutions is vital for succeeding whether your business is large or small. What’s the ideal platform for storing and accessing data? Which tools are the best for workforce collaboration? What are the best solutions for ensuring that your company stays current with the new laws and regulations? As a small business owner, you would probably rather be spending your time running your business than figuring out your technology. From making sure that all proprietary information is secure to optimizing system and network performance on all devices and machines, you certainly require superior IT support in order to improve overall performance. If you have any queries involving connectivity in your business or picking the right IT solutions, do not hesitate to contact Computers Made Easy.

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Business Email Services from CME – Trust Our High-Quality Microsoft Office Support

Enjoy our full list of Outlook support services by combining email management and Microsoft Office 365 services. We’ll work to help your team be as productive as possible, ensuring that you can use all of the built-in advantages the suite has to offer.

Boost Security with Managed Email Services

Manage communications confidently, while you rest assured that all your business information is as secure as possible. We’re happy to help protect your email from phishing attacks, malware, and spam.

Stay Prepared

Combine email solutions with emergency recovery and backup, so that your email stays safe no matter the situation. We’ll help make sure that your email stays backed up and is always available for you to retrieve and review.

Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Communication can be important no matter the time of day or night. We keep your email systems running around the clock. We can also help to design a business continuity plan that includes your email servers so you’re never without what you need.

Securing Your Email Communications

From message encryption and checking for threats on a real time basis, to cloud-based email hosting and with a guarantee of 99 percent virus protection, Microsoft Exchange Online is an email service that keeps you information safe an accessible.

An Uptime Guarantee

Exchange Online is guaranteed to have an uptime percentage of 99.9%. If the service doesn’t meet that threshold, companies will be compensated. Through the use of redundant servers, you can always access Exchange Online even if your company’s servers are experiencing issues. All that you need is an Internet-enabled device and a reliable connection.

Remote Management

The administrative tools provided with Exchange Online make it possible to manage everything from basic permissions to access control. From a security standpoint, IT administrators have complete control. That means that they can take care of tasks like maintaining lists of approved recipients and controlling mobile device access in accordance with company policies. Access for individual devices can also easily be removed, even when using the system remotely.

Integrate with the Powerful Office 365 Suite

Use the gold standard in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with Office 365. CME can help you get the software you need and manage all the licensing issues for you.

If you are having trouble figuring which business email service to use, or are looking for Office 365 services consultants, Computers Made Easy can help. Reach out to us today to talk about the needs of your company and how our Beaverton, OR managed IT services company can help.

Have Questions? Our support staff is here and ready to talk. Contact Us Today

What Clients Have to Say About Working with CME

  • As a business owner, I look at each of my business to business relationships as an intregal part of my success team. These relationships are key to any business that want to grow and expand. I have greatly benefited from Danny and his team of qualified technicians. They are problem solvers and professionals at their craft; computer systems and networking. Let go of your computer worries and stresses… hand it over to CME. You won’t regret it.

    Ken F.
    Ponderosa Garage Doors & Repair
  • We have been with CME for a few years now for ALL of our law firm and personal computer issues. I simply cannot say enough about their responsiveness. Just last week I had an issue at 11pm in the evening, at home on my remote connection, and Danny responded immediately and fixed everything. We deeply value their services.

    Jim Senescu
    Senescu & Babich, PLLC
  • With the size of our business and the amount of interaction our staff has w/ our ERP system and remote dependency, we cannot afford a blimp in our IT. In years past, we did not have as reliable uptime as we do now – thanks to each of you and your dedication to service our team! THANK YOU! There is no question our IT is in great hands with CME, and am grateful to each of you for the expertise and passion you bring to our organization. The relationship we have is a true partnership!

    Rick Campfiled
  • CME, is a top notch company. They are very efficient, prompt & absolutely willing to help fix any of your IT or computers. I highly recommend. The team does a great job resolving our needs.

    Google Review
  • This company goes above and beyond anything we ask them to do. They are professional and very patient to fix whatever issue we have. I really appreciate all they do for us.

    Google Review
  • They ALWAYS know how to fix any problems that come across our way. They are fast, reliable, and super friendly. We have had them 8 years and still very happy with there service. Highly recommend them.

    Google Review
  • They ALWAYS know how to fix any problems that come across our way. They are fast, reliable, and super friendly. We have had them 8 years and still very happy with there service. Highly recommend them.

    Google Review
  • Our company uses CME for all of our IT needs, from computers and iPads, as well as handling our main terminal server for our construction and development sides. They are always very responsive and work to solve the issue, not closing tickets until the issue is resolved, no matter the size of the problem. It is nice to work with a company that handles the very small issues the same as the larger ones. I would recommend CME for any IT needs, from large to small.

    Google Review
  • The company I work for recently moved and upgraded their IT infrastructure in the process. CME handled the whole thing flawlessly. Very knowledgeable, and with a variety of specialists they’re able to handle anything you can throw at them.

    Google Review
  • Our Engineering firm of +40 employees has used Computers Made Easy for over 15 years and have been very happy with their service, responsiveness, and great value. From smooth-running encrypted cloud-based and in-house server systems to virus protection, they have been an excellent firm and I would highly recommend them without reservation.

    Google Review
  • Fantastic service, great staff; they show up when planned and are great about adjusting to the schedule changes that come up. I highly recommend CME.

    Google Review
  • We recently made a change to Computers Made Easy and they have been fantastic. We are a fairly demanding company between our growth and expectations and CME has never come close to letting us down. They know their stuff, they are reasonably priced, flexible and they are easy to talk to.

    Google Review

Our Managed IT Services Company FAQ

Here are answers to a few of the questions we know are out there about what we do as managed IT services company.

What are managed services in the IT industry?

With a good managed IT services company, you can offload all of your IT needs (or as many needs as you’d like) to them so that they take care of planning, developing, monitoring, and maintaining your network and associated devices.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

Here are a few:

  • Consistent network evaluation and maintenance
  • Responsive team to handle needs as they arise
  • Access to all the expertise and resources of a managed IT services company to be more certain that you’re getting the best possible outcomes
  • You can reduce or eliminate your in-house IT department

How much do managed IT services cost?

There are many factors that will play into the expense of managed IT services, including

  • The size of your network
  • The condition of your network
  • The condition of your hardware
  • The needs of your business

The only real way to determine costs is to site down with a member or our managed IT services company to talk about your needs and how we can help. We encourage you to get in touch with us, we’d love to talk.

Beaverton, Oregon Managed IT Services Company

Have Questions? Our support staff is here and ready to talk. Contact Us Today