4 Managed IT Services Benefits You Should Know

by | Jan 24, 2023

Managed Services Advantages


As businesses grow increasingly reliant on the technology to power their workflows, the importance of managed IT services and the benefits of managed IT services increase in tandem.

With the right support services on your side, your business will be able to:

  • Optimize workflows
  • Eliminate cybersecurity risks
  • Take advantage of cloud computing and other cloud services
  • Improve network performance
  • Reduce IT downtime
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure business continuity with data protection

And more.

There are many managed services advantages that your business can take advantage of to ensure that productivity remains high and IT issues are significantly reduced in number.

Below, we’ll go over four broad managed IT services benefits that your business can leverage to support its growth.

Understanding 4 Major Managed Services Advantages

While there are far more than four managed IT benefits, for the sake of brevity we will only be discussing four significant and generalized benefits your business can leverage.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of managed IT services vary depending on your industry, the size of your organization, how many users you have, etc. For instance, if your industry has specific data compliance requirements (like HIPAA), then working with a managed IT provider is likely to be the best way to ensure you don’t run afoul of regulatory bodies.

There are many specific managed IT services benefits that are industry specific, but for the remainder of the piece, we’ll examine broad benefits that apply to all industries.

Cost Reductions

Your MSP isn’t doing their job if you’re not experiencing significant cost savings after partnering with a provider.

With the right team on your side, you will be able to identify redundancies in your system, eliminating them and saving your business money.

You’ll also be able to leverage the latest technology to support your business. This takes formerly time-consuming tasks and turns them into fast and simple processes.

IT Services Benefits You Should Know


You can also lower operational costs by automating many processes in your workflow, saving your workers time and allowing them to focus it elsewhere.

Finally, you also won’t have to fear the potential losses of a data breach or cybersecurity attack – both of which can be catastrophically high for your business.

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Increased Productivity

As your business grows, the best way to ensure that your margins are as wide as possible is to maximize the productivity of your team.

This is practically impossible if they are using old and outdated networks. Between network and server downtime eating away at productivity (thereby costing your business potentially thousands of dollars per minute) and network slowdowns frustrating your team and lowering morale, your business may find it difficult to reach its peak efficiency.

Your IT partner will assess your network and its assets, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities and immediately addressing them. From there, they will constantly be upgrading, updating, patching, and monitoring your network to ensure that it’s always performing optimally.

The proactive approach also ensures that as your business scales you won’t have to worry about an increase in employees or workload forcing your network to slow and break – a huge boon to your business.

Safety From Online Threats

Some predict that cybercrimes will lead to $10.5 trillion in costs across the globe by 2025. With that amount of money on the line, you know that cyber criminals will be drawn to the possibility of making immense sums of money in short order.

And while small and medium business owners may believe themselves to be too small to be targeted by these attacks, they’re incorrect: 61% of small businesses were targets of cyberattacks in 2021. 

To protect your business, you’ll need:

  • Data security
  • Network security
  • Full-time remote monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Comprehensive and routine assessments
  • Personnel training

And more.

Building, managing, and maintaining this cybersecurity array is a daunting task for a single person or a small in-house IT team. What’s more, it will take away focus from your core business and lead to a misallocation of your time.

By working with a managed IT partner, you can rest assured that your small or medium-sized business is totally safe from online threats.

What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that your MSP is constantly updating their cybersecurity approach to ensure that – even as new threats develop – your business will be prepared.

Predictable Pricing

One of the more overlooked managed services advantages is that your IT budget will be totally stable.

Most MSPs work on a monthly flat-fee pricing model, so you can predict from month to month with certainty exactly how much you’ll be spending on your information technology.

This is helpful for a variety of reasons. It makes long-term planning and budgeting easier. It also ensures that your business will never be surprised by an inflated bill at the end of the month due to a particularly IT-issue heavy period. It also allows you to easily devise your IT ROI, as you can see from month to month the improvements being made, all while the price remains the same (unless new services are needed or the business grows).

A similarly overlooked managed IT services advantage of all of this is that you won’t need to juggle multiple providers; all your technology needs will be managed by a single team and communicated to you through a single point of contact.

Make Use of All of the Managed IT Services Benefits With Computers Made Easy

benefits of managed IT services


We now have a better understanding of the importance of managed IT services; the next step is transferring our knowledge into action and finding a top MSP that can solve all your technology issues.

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Our service offerings include:

  • End-to-end managed services
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