Social Media Marketing & Advertising Services by CME

Traditional Social

Traditional social media requires high engagement and consistent management to get results. We do not offer set it and forget it programs or software. Our approach is 100% organic, with stateside management and representation of your company on social, ensuring that all content creation is relevant, in real-time, with trending topics and events. This brings a level of authenticity that is genuine to your loyal following, resulting in higher engagement rates, and ultimately more equity for your business.

Paid Social

As social platforms continue to evolve their algorithms and prioritize a “pay-to-play” model, marketers must invest in paid social to get their content in front of their audience. While social platforms offer a wealth of audience targeting options, they provide little in terms of understanding audience behavior and how consumers use each platform to engage with brands.

We help you stay top of mind using psychographic insights, understanding what motivates specific audiences to engage with content, and then delivering personalized communications to convert them into customers.

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