How to Choose a Managed Services Provider: Your Complete Checklist

by | Jul 10, 2023

It’s a tech-driven world out there, and if you’re running a business, you know the power of technology in propelling your operations. 

But, it can also be a double-edged sword. One wrong byte and you’re staring at a screen that looks more like an abstract painting than your meticulously maintained spreadsheet. 

“In today’s digital landscape, selecting the right Managed Services Provider is key to your business’s success and resilience,” says, Danny Tehrani, CEO at Computers Made Easy.

That’s where a managed services provider (MSP) strides into the scene, like an information technology hero bearing a tool belt made of data packets and fiber-optic cables. Recent research indicates that nearly 64% of organizations use some form of managed IT services, and there’s a simple reason – it’s smart, practical, and efficient. 

However, the critical question is – how to choose a managed services provider that’s your perfect tech match? Even if you’re more concerned with how to choose a managed security services provider instead, this complete checklist will escort you through the tech jungle, helping you pinpoint your ideal MSP.

Managed Services Vendor Selection Criteria

Selecting the ideal MSP for your business requires you to ask the right questions. Here are some essential managed services vendor selection criteria for businesses that will help you do just that.

Business SizeCriteria
Small Businesses1. Cost-efficiency: Affordable packages that include essential services.
2. Expertise in specific niches: MSPs familiar with the particular industry. 
3. Quick and responsive support: Timely assistance for all tech troubles.
Medium-sized Businesses1. Scalability: MSPs that can grow with the business.
2. Comprehensive service portfolio: Including cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and cloud services.
3. Strategic IT planning: Expertise in aligning tech with business objectives.
Large Businesses1. Global reach: Ability to provide services across multiple locations.
2. Advanced tech capabilities: Handling sophisticated IT ecosystems.
3. Proven track record: Demonstrable experience with large-scale IT management.

As you can see, the perfect MSP for you is as unique as a snowflake, tailored to the size of your business and the specifics of your industry. Selecting the right one is about matching their expertise to your aspirations. 

Now, you have the managed services selection criteria to set the bar. Let’s move on to some must-ask questions in the next section, shall we?

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10 Questions to Ask an IT MSP: MSP Qualifying Questions Checklist

Finding the right IT partner is all about asking the right questions. Here are some essential questions to ask during the MSP discovery period:

  1. What range of services do you provide?
  2. What industry experience and certifications does your team have?
  3. How does your pricing model work, and what does it include?
  4. Can you scale services as my business grows or contracts?
  5. What’s your strategy for cybersecurity and data protection?
  6. How quickly can you respond to IT emergencies or downtime?
  7. How do you manage remote and on-site support?
  8. Do you have case studies or references from similar businesses you’ve worked with?
  9. How often do you review and report on performance?
  10. How can your services help align my IT with my business goals?

These technical questions to qualifying an MSP are crucial, just like the final punchline that wraps up a perfectly timed joke. Remember, the aim isn’t to grill your MSP but to make an informed decision that’ll set your business up for a comedy of successes, not a tragedy of IT failures.

technical questions to qualifying an MSP

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