IMPORTANT: Backing Up Personal & Business Data

by | Dec 15, 2011

The Importance of Backing Up Data has Never Been Greater!

Data loss is one of the greatest technical issues that any business or individual can face. In a matter of seconds, data can be lost due to natural disaster, computer malfunction, or loss of power. For some this can mean loss of treasured family photos, resumes or other important personal information; for business in can mean the end of your credibility. In an age where everything is run by computers and data is being transmitted in such high volumes every second, the importance of backing up data has never been greater.

The definition of data backup is simple. It means to store all important and pertinent data in a place where it can be accessed at any time and in case of an emergency. As mentioned above, for some individuals this can mean storing pictures or memories in a safe place. For businesses this often means storing copies of financial records, client information, and your actual work if it is digital. Many companies have actually gone out of business from losing their data.

Is Your Data in the Cloud?  It Should Be!

There are a variety of back up options out there to choose from. They range from a simple external hard drive, to software that can be installed on your computer that uploads your information automatically to a secure set of servers in the cloud. It is vital to store back up files in an off-site location, in addition to having a readily-accessible local copy. This protects against a natural disaster, plumbing flood or theft. Backing up once a month may not be enough either, so actively engaging software can continuously backup your data if needed.

Having at least one backup copy of all of your data is vital, but we recommend a local and cloud based copy for ultimate security. Speak with our staff today to find out what is available and recommended for your situation, and let us automate your backup process. That way you will know your current data is secure, and that it will remain so into the future.

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