Secure & Compliant Networking & IT Services for Biotech Companies

The biotech industry faces highly unique challenges as they work with sensitive data, including personal health information. As such, businesses in this industry must ensure all technology used is fully HIPAA compliant. A possible system breach could violate HIPAA compliance and also put your customers identities at risk.

Some of the top challenges biotech companies face include:

  • Leadership is often transitioning
  • Multiple budget constraints
  • Limited number of IT staff or none at all
  • Need help with restructuring IT
  • Not sure how to gain a competitive edge
Our extensive experience enables us to offer full audits to ensure that your business is compliant with the current standards of your industry.

Security and Compliance

As compliance and security are two of the main concerns in regard to the biotech industry, all solutions we provide to our customers are HIPAA compliant. In addition, we provide a wide range of security services such as penetration testing and vulnerability scans. Our main goal is to significantly reduce the risk of a breach.

We can also provide system management services, in order to ensure that your software is always up to date. This is yet another thing that can lower security risks.

Reliable Online Presence

Biotech businesses need to be able to access the web at any given time. Outages are not an option. This is where our disaster recovery services and planning tools can help you. Our experts can offer you the guidance you need to choose what’s best for your business. We can also help you manage your solutions of choice.

More Efficient Data Processing

This fast-paced industry doesn’t allow too much room for slow internet connections. We can help you optimize your network and reveal the sources of potential trouble, in order for you to benefit from a fast and reliable system.

The use of collaboration tools is one of the most effective ways to improve team communications, enabling your employees to be more efficient and to finish their projects faster. As all these solutions have to meet all compliance standards, we will make sure you only choose solutions that are in line with the current regulatory standards.

Would you like to speed up your processes but still maintain compliance in the biotech industry? Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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