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Outsourcing your IT management to a team like CME that specializes in premium support is one of the best decisions you will make for your company. Not only can it eliminate the need to manage an in-house team, but it will also cut down greatly on the cost involved in full IT service.

IT Costs Can Add Up Fast

When you have to employ several people for an IT team it can get very expensive. When you work with a team that takes care of many companies IT needs, you can share these expenses with them and keep from the added headaches of personnel management. In a typical model, something breaks and the cost to fix it makes your IT expenses soar. With the managed model, you get a flat price every month.

If your computers aren’t working, neither is your Vancouver based business. Managed IT maintenance is a crucial part of any technological computer service. You can do preventative maintenance, so your business has everything running and money always coming in. We have an All-Stars Maintenance Program that does all of this. It is an all-in-one, done-for-you program tailored to your company. We handle the servers, backups, disaster recovery, workstation setup, and remote support. You get it all, so this is a great way to have an outsourced IT department. Forget paying two or three salaries. With us, you pay one flat monthly fee.

At CME Services, we provide all encompassing IT support:

Resource Optimization

Infrastructure Maintenance

Managed IT Services and Security

Cloud Technology

Managed IT Service to Set Your Mind At Ease

With managed services like ours, you can believe you have a smart, efficient, and talented team ready for you at all times. Our managed services will also program any software you need and update it with any patches so that it is always optimized and updated. You save money on inconvenient, expensive upgrades and you also get the most use out of your company’s hardware. Our interests are aligned seamlessly with yours. Keep your infrastructure 100 percent up and running with our commitment to this for you every day, all day.

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