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    Diagnostic Fee / Labor Rates: Computers Made Easy Inc. charges $175.00 per hour fixed labor rate for time spent attempting Computer/Laptop repairs or diagnostics, regardless if repair is successful or not. We charge a $45.00 minimum for all Computers/Laptops left for repair or diagnostics. This fee is applied to labor. We do not guarantee we can fix any Computer/Laptop at any time.
    Loss or Damage: I understand that Computers Made Easy Inc. is not responsible for loss of or damage to computer equipment, laptops, or software left for repair in case of fire, theft, natural disasters, employee mistakes or any other causes beyond our control. I understand that Computers Made Easy Inc. is not responsible for data loss or other component failures that occur during attempted repairs, testing or at any other time. Computers Made Easy Inc. shall not be held liable for loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damage occurred from or after Computer/Laptop testing, diagnostics or repairs.
    Abandonment: Any Computer/Laptop not retrieved and/or paid for within 30 days from notification of completion ofrepairs will be considered abandoned and subject to sale. You must call us to make arrangements if you will be unable to pickup. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Limited Warranty: All parts used for repairs have a full 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified on the invoice. Any 3rd party repair or service attempt not authorized by the management of Computers Made Easy Inc. will void any and all warranties.
    Payment: We prefer Check, but will also take Debit or Credit.

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