Best Cloud Computing Services in Vancouver, WA

Cloud computing is a convenient solution for businesses to store their files and keep them handy for anyone in the organization to access them when needed. Since all files, applications and databases are accessed remotely, businesses can cut their operating costs by not having to buy expensive on-site hardware and accessories. Such web portals allows you to safely store your files while making them accessible at any given time, from any device. A good Internet connection is the only thing you need to access these files. This makes cloud services ideal for businesses that use field agents or sales representatives.

How To Assess Your Cloud Readiness

Moving the infrastructure to the cloud is a complex endeavor. You should carefully prepare your strategy in order to avoid mistakes that would affect your operations. CME is one of the best providers of cloud solutions and managed services in the Portland, Oregon metro area. We have the experience and the skills to design an effective cloud strategy for your business. We prefer to tackle such projects one step at a time. We start with conducting cloud readiness assessment to determine your needs and your already existing infrastructure, staff, and other resources. Next, we develop a plan for a seamless transition.

A Managed And Secure Private Cloud You Can Rely On

We know that your business applications should run smoothly 24/7, all year round. Thanks to top-notch technologies from VMware, we are able to deliver a secure and affordable hosting environment which is also optimized for performance and speed. Find out more details about our managed cloud solutions, infrastructure and support services.

Cloud Implementation Support

There are many cloud applications, so how do you know which one to choose for your business? Our experienced cloud technicians will carefully listen to you before coming up with a strategy and an action plan to move your office operations to the cloud. Our strategic partnerships with all major cloud technology providers recommend us as one of the best solutions available on the market.

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