Fast & Effective IT Disaster Recovery Services by CME

Disaster recovery is sometimes something businesses don’t think about until the worst happens. Disaster recovery planning involves identifying risks and determining how to get systems back online as quickly as possible to reduce downtime, business costs and damage to brand reputation.

Protect Your Business Operations and Reputation

Surveys found that 74% of organizations recognized that the number one threat to their IT operations is unplanned IT or telecom outages, and 25% of those said they are willing to increase investment to mitigate threats. Disruptions can be costly, whether they are caused by natural disasters, power failures, application crashes or data breaches. A detailed and well-communicated emergency plan is essential to guide your organization through unexpected interruptions. At Computers Made Easy, we understand the significance of keeping your systems agile. We work closely with your team to develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery & business continuity plan and procedures so that your business critical functions keep running.

Develop A Comprehensive Plan

We help you initiate and implement a disaster recovery & business continuity plan with step-by-step processes for response and recovery – from risk assessment and gap analyses; plan development, implementation, and testing; to employee training and adoption.

Be More Agile and Prepared

Each minute of downtime can tremendously affect your bottom line. Our goal is to develop a backup and recovery system that allows your core business functions to run during disruptions. We bring:

  • Disaster recovery & business continuity strategy consulting
  • Backup solutions implementation
  • On-site and off-site virtualization
  • Monitoring, testing, and managing the backup system and handling of software maintenance
  • U.S.-based technical support
  • Off-site data storage management

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