Fast & Effective IT Disaster Recovery Services by CME

In most cases, many businesses will realize the significance of having disaster recovery measures in place when the worst occurs. A robust disaster recovery plan entails the identification of risk and determining the best ways of getting systems back online in the shorts time possible to reduce the costs and damages associated with downtime. All in all, it is a strategy meant to preserve the company’s brand reputation.

Protect Your Business Operations And Reputation

According to several surveys, unplanned and inadequate structured IT as well as telecom outages are the number one threat for may IT operations in 74% of organizations of which, 25% of them were willing to invest more in mitigating such threats. Such disruption can lead to losses that amount in millions of dollars, be it that they are caused by power failures, natural disasters, or intentional actions such as cyber attacks. Such events are often an unexpected interruption can have a detailed and well-structured and communicated emergency plan can help the organization wade through such peril.

At Computers Made Easy, we appreciate the significance of having agile systems. We work with your IT department to come with comprehensive disaster recovery strategies that ensure the continuity of your business during unexpected emergencies.

Developing A All-Inclusive Plan

We will work closely with your IT team and be on hand to help develop and implement a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan. It is a systematic process that will ensure immediate and efficient response and recovery via a rapid and comprehensive risk assessment with gap analysis for the initiation of a strategic plan as well as its implementation. The process will also entail testing the plan as well as training the employees on its adoption.

Be More Alert And Prepared

Ultimately, our objective is to make sure that your company is always abreast with its IT system and is amply prepared for the unexpected. We know that every second wasted due to downtime is money lost. Therefore, we will come up with a backup and recovery system that will make sure the core business operations are undisrupted.

What we offer you is:

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy consulting
  • On-site and off-site virtualization
  • Off-site data storage management
  • Backup solutions and their implementation
  • Monitoring, testing, and managing the backup system
  • Software maintenance
  • U.S. based technical support

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