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Maximize The Performance of Your Network

Identifying the real cause of the reduced performance of your network is no simple thing with today’s complicated and varied network activities. To ensure that your users get swift and stable access to shared network applications, we assist you with the elimination of problematic limitations on network performance, making it possible for you to decrease any strain on IT, disruptions and costs associated with downtime. To this end, we have partnered with network management vendors that are currently leading the industry..

Before Your Bottom Line Is Affected, Identify and Eliminate Network Related Problems

To come up with effective solutions, our network evaluation and gap analyses assist with the determination of the risks, strengths and vulnerabilities of your existing system. To notify you of any possible compliance or security problems that might crop up in external IT audits or bank examination we provide pre-audit assessments. The following are included in our wide range of assessment solutions:

  • A summary of the entire system risk
  • Evaluation of active directories
  • Thorough analysis of the network
  • Mapping the layout of the network
  • Individual network asset reports on a daily basis
  • A rundown of all external weaknesses
  • Inspecting the condition of the network on a monthly basis
  • Putting network design modifications in place\

Modern Office Performance And Security Optimization

The new business reality involves best performing applications and systems that are always available, growing mobile user demands and mounting IT risks. This can be quite a challenging task, with each new day, especially if you are working with limited resources, including employees and time. To keep you focused on your core business operations we can handle them on your behalf.

Securing Your Email Communications

From message encryption and checking for threats on a real time basis, to cloud based email hosting and guaranteeing 99 percent virus protection.

Safeguarding And Storing Up Your Data Online

Using cloud based and physical approaches to safeguarding your essential data/information.

Business Continuity (BC) And Disaster Recovery (DR)

Creating an all encompassing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy that includes procedures to be followed during an emergency as well as the duplication of on-site data at an off-site location/facility.

Designing, Installing and Managing Networks

This involves the planning, consulting, upgrading and building networks that offer the best security and performance.

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