Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Email – A Powerful & Efficient Tool for your Business

Companies that want to avoid the overhead expense associated with running an Exchange server of their own can benefit from using Exchange Online. This service allows businesses to tap into the power of Exchange without needing to run their own server. Instead, Microsoft hosts the entire system on their servers.
That means that employees can get into their Exchange accounts from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. As a result, this is the ideal solution for companies with workers who telecommute or who frequently travel.

Secure Email

Advanced CME filtering techniques for spam and malware help minimize the chances of harmful programs or agents infecting your computer network. In terms of preventing data loss, there are also unique features available that are designed to keep workers from emailing private or sensitive information to unauthorized users.

An Uptime Guarantee

Exchange Online is guaranteed to have an uptime percentage of 99.9%. If the service doesn’t meet that threshold, companies will be compensated. Through the use of redundant servers, you can always access Exchange Online even if your company’s servers are experiencing issues. All that you need is an Internet-enabled device and a reliable connection.

Remote Management

The administrative tools provided with Exchange Online make it possible to manage everything from basic permissions to access control. From a security standpoint, IT administrators have complete control. That means that they can take care of tasks like maintaining lists of approved recipients and controlling mobile device access in accordance with the company’s policies. Access for individual devices can also easily be removed, even when using the system remotely.

If you are having trouble figuring out whether to go with Exchange or Exchange Online for your business, Computers Made Easy can help. Reach out to us today to talk about the needs of your company and about how each service could benefit your business. We also can provide helpful tips on controlling the cost of maintaining either of these systems.

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