Business Network Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance Services

It isn’t always just a simple setup for your business network requiring just one central server and a couple of connected computers. Businesses these days are faced with many challenges when it comes to connecting cloud services, mobile devices, laptops, desktops and more to their networks. Security, of course, also becomes challenging as an increasing number of cyber-criminals are targeting businesses now.

Some of the other common issues that are faced by businesses include the following:

Regular maintenance – Service and equipment upgrades, vulnerability scans, and patches

Managing wireless security

Bandwidth – Paying for more than what is necessary, not enough, too slow

Centralizing resources

Preventing downtime

All businesses need to have a fully functional network in order to fully reach their potential. Anything less than that may result in a loss of brand reputation and revenue.

Network Maintenance

In order to remain competitive, businesses need to keep their networks maintained. Regular maintenance helps to ensure fewer security problems and threats, decreased costs, increased efficiency, and optimal performance.

The areas that businesses need to focus on the most include the following:

  • Audit the network for potential performance problems
  • Uncover the causes of performance issues and fix them
  • Ensure the network’s security, software/app security permissions, and all devices that are on the network
  • Analyze hardware to determine if any upgrades are necessary
  • Apply patches as they are released
  • Scan for security threats
In a majority of situations, you will use infrastructure and network management tools to help with maintenance. Also, a business can outsource maintenance, and that works very well for businesses which do not have a big IT team.
Along with managing the current network, a business also needs to consider the following:
  • Custom network solutions like hosting inside of a data center instead of on-premises to make it easier for the company to scale.
  • Performance enhancing measures like increasing bandwidth.
  • Incorporate other networking forms like using cloud services.
Is your network experiencing any performance problems or are you searching for a more cost-effective solution? If so, then call us today to discuss what the best solution is for your business and cost-effective ways for managing your networking.

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