Outsourced CIO – Expert Investment Solution by CME

We partner with clients to help them focus on higher level strategic initiatives critical to the overall organization.


As the market environment grows increasingly complex, and organizational resources evolve, institutional investors are seeking outsourced (OCIO) solutions to help balance strategic priorities and day-to-day decision-making based on their distinct investment objectives. We partner with clients to help them focus on higher level strategic initiatives critical to the overall organization.

Our Philosophy

Every organization has unique investment goals and risk objectives. We work directly with organizations and their staffs, investment committees, actuaries, record-keepers and consultants to understand their unique objectives.
Dedicated OCIO resources help plans focus on strategic decision-making. Delegating decisions to the OCIO partner allows clients to focus on strategic decisions and alleviates many day-to-day tasks (e.g., reporting, investment strategy implementation, rebalancing the portfolio and coordination of services providers).
A robust risk management strategy is critical. We develop risk-management strategies based on clients’ stated objectives, leveraging sophisticated analytics and dynamic portfolio monitoring that provide our clients transparency and oversight throughout the investment process.

Our Approach: How We Partner With Clients

By combining the depth of our expertise with the breadth of our platform, we provide tailored outsourcing programs to meet our clients’ unique investment objectives.


We seek to understand each client’s unique needs, including investment objectives, risk tolerance, organization-specific considerations, investment constraints and liquidity requirements.


We design an integrated investment strategy tailored to each client’s stated objectives and level of outsourcing needs. We also leverage an open architecture platform with an extensive bench of external managers.


We employ a proprietary, fully-integrated risk management system to manage the portfolio on a daily basis and adjust exposures based on evolving market dynamics. We conduct ongoing risk management through portfolio stress testing, risk modeling and monitoring, and liability modeling for pensions starting at the participant level.

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