Outsourced CIO – Expert Investment Solution by CME

We partner with clients to help them focus on higher level strategic initiatives critical to the overall organization.

Why We Are The Best Option When Seeking OCIO Solutions

The market environment is continuously evolving and becoming more and more complex. Similarly, organizations have to keep up with the constant changes as resources evolve. It is a move that pushes investors to outsource OCIO solutions in a bid to balance strategic objectives and every-day decisions. It is on this basis that we strive to partner with our customers to help them maintain their eye on the price for the overall growth of their businesses and organizations.

Our Philosophy

Every company is unique, having inimitable investment goals and risk objectives. We always make it our mission to help businesses understand their individual objectives by working closely with their employees, actuaries, consultants, and investment committees.

With dedicated OCIO resources, we can help companies plan and focus on their decision-making processes. With the delegation of the strategic decision making over to the OCIO partner, this move allows our customers to have their eyes on the main price regarding making decisions while ensuring timely completion of daily tasks. It can aid in reporting, rebalancing the business; portfolio, implementation of investment strategies, and coordination of various services and the respective service providers.

For it to be effective, there has to be a robust risk management strategy in place. The risk management tactics we develop are based on the client’s objectives coupled with dynamic monitoring of their portfolio as well as leveraging sophisticated analytics to ensure that we offer our customer guaranteed transparency and oversight across all investment processes.


How We Partner With Our Clients:

We are more than capable of providing bespoke outsourcing programs tailored to meet our customers’ unique investment ambitions. We accomplish this by combining our in-depth expertise with our vast platform.


We always strive to understand the unique needs of each of our client, and this will include their considerations that are specific to their organization, their risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, and investment margins.

Build & Construct

The integrated investment strategy we develop is tailored to meet each of our client’s investment goals while also focus on their outsourcing needs and capacities. We do use an open architecture platform that is under the stewardship of an extensive team of external managers.


In our push to deliver exceptional solutions, we prioritize the use of a proprietary, fully-integrated risk management system that will manage the clients’ portfolio. It will also adjust exposures depending on the prevailing market dynamics. Our ongoing risk management is based on portfolio stress testing, liability and risk modeling, and monitoring that starts at the participant level.

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