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Virtualization is viewed as one of the most highly beneficial advancements within the field of computing. There are practically infinite possibilities when it comes to virtualization. Virtualization basically means to make a virtual version of something, like a hard drive or operating system.

Virtualization Uses

One of the most popular things that virtualization is used for in business is for server virtualization. A hypervisor is a special software layer that enables the division of a single physical server into multiple virtual servers through emulating hardware resources.

Due to the division of resources across multiple virtual servers, they never have the same performance level, but the entire resources of a physical server usually are not used at the same time.

Although the most common use is server virtualization, other uses include the following:
  • Networking – Splitting the bandwidth among various sources, that is frequently used with web hosting and cloud computing
  • Storage – A single big hard drive is created by pooling multiple physical drives together into a single virtual drive
  • Desktop – The desktop environment is virtualized and users gain access through a client to a remote virtual desktop
  • Data – Provides broader access to data and better resiliency
  • Application – Offers better compatibility and enables applications to completely run independently of an operating system

Computing That is Scalable

Virtualization’s major purpose is to allow computing to be more scalable. Physical resources in the past could not be divided easily. To run each component needs to have physical hardware of its own.

Virtualization allows businesses to scale quickly via virtualizations without needing to purchase new hardware. For example, if a new server is required for managing email, a virtual server can be made on an existing server and they would share the resources.

To understand better how virtualization applies to your business goals and industry call our team today. We provide unbiased advice on both virtualization implementation and options to help ensure that your business is successful.

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