Your Mobile Office

by | Jul 30, 2012

Technology allows us to respond to our customers in a timely manner, no matter where we are (almost). But, there are always ways to improve on that connectivity and make our workday run a little smoother.

We have a few tips for a mobile office, and we hope you’ll also share what you do to make your mobile experience smooth and efficient.

Get (and stay) Connected

Free Wi-Fi abounds, so click on your Wi-Fi icon and see if there are any unsecured networks around you.

You can also tether your laptop to your cellphone and access the Web and Internet that way, but check with your carrier to see if you need to pay extra for that.

Or, you can get a wireless router like Mi-Fi® that allows you to create your own wireless cloud that goes where you go.


Our devices need power. Tote a small power strip with you, and make sure it has USB ports. Or, you can even get strips that convert your car power socket into multiple sockets with USB ports.

If there’s no power to be had, try using extended batteries.


Skype allows you to have an audio conversation or a video chat with other Skype users at no charge. You can also share files through Skype while chatting. Next best thing to being there. (We’re big fans, can you tell?)


Dropbox and other cloud storage sites allow you to upload your files and then access them from any device that can get on the Internet.

You can also access your desktop from your laptop, if you’re willing to leave your desktop on while you’re away from the office.


Well, what can we say? Google has a boatload of tools for the mobile worker, like Google Docs and Google Calendar.


Pay your bills or get paid while you’re out. Use Bill Pay, Paypal, or some other method of e-payment.


What else do you use when working from your mobile office? What do you need that you don’t have? Share your experiences and solutions in the comment section and we can learn from each other!